Stop using flatpak?

If I cannot stop using flatpak then you guys need to triple your system requirements ... this thing is sllllooooooowwwwww :frowning:

Then stop using flatpaks and snaps. There's guides on the forums on howto uninstall them.


I suppose that there are a few applications that the developers will push only as flatpaks... but they are very few.
I cannot think of any reason a member should feel forced to use Flatpak.
If you list which apps you need that you can only find as Flatpak, we may be able to find you a .deb package for it.


Y'know I'd try to find a (official) deb package for every app I install (Steam, Onlyoffice, etc.) If there isn't a deb package, I'd have to improvise.


There are so many complaints about Flatpak that I think it might even be better to disable it by default.


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