Store wont update apps

I keep getting listed updates but they dont actually update. Clicking update doesnt do anything.

Any ideas?

I think it is best to use the terminal for updates:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

The store checks versions of installed apps and matches them to apps with newer versions it has to offer. What it doesn't do is check what package manager has installed the app on your system. You have thunderbird installed by apt by default. It screams there is an update, but the terminal says all is up to date. If you go back to the store you will find in the details that the update is for flatpak or snap. So you continuously have and cannot update because it's up to date under the package manager it was installed. This doesn't mean you don't have the latest version, it means that flatpak and snap get updated more often because of bugs and security issues that the apt package doesn't have. No different than thunderbird on your phone, Linux and windows installations. All are going to have a different version number.

I web search for software i want, look for the terminal installation method using apt or .deb, skip anything that says flatpak or snap. Then updates are done when i perform sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, along with libraries and the os itself.

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