Storm's Icon Collection

Alien Icon Theme v. 3.1 is out!

  • Added: more Pantheon icons
  • Added: a few symbolic icons
  • Added: Calibre, WhatsApp, Steamio, Filezilla,
  • Added: insync, Lutris, LocalSend, Switcheroo,
  • Added: Parabolic,
  • Games: (Steam) Xcom 1+2, (steam) Age of Wonders 3+4,
  • Games: (Steam) Wolcen: Lord of Mayheim,
  • Games: (Steam) Against the Storm,
  • Changed: Steam icons, scan icons, Budgie Settings icon,
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The next version of Alien Icon theme will include a brown version.
Have a look:


I got a free version of the Delight 2 icon theme up. It's in Solus OS color, other than that it's fully fletch icon theme with over a 1000 application icons.

Get it here for free:

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WOW just wow!

Alien Icon Theme v. 4.0 is out!

Version 4.0

New Color: Brown
Added: Amberol, pysol


Landscape Icon Theme Added.

In the end of the month Nordic (Gold and silver) will be released!

Also follow my work/process at Mastodon:

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My next project after "Nordic Gold" (which will be available end of the month) will be Drake Icon Theme. Drake Icon theme is a black and white/greyish icon theme.


More show off the Drake Icon set.

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