Strange behavior of folder popup boxes

Hi everyone,

I apologize if I am going to use incorrect terms in this post but I am pretty novice to Zorin so I thank you for your patience. My issue is not really urgent but it still might be worth knowing more what's going on here. So, I have noticed a strange behavior when I hover the cursor over a folder in my Desktop. As you can see from the attached pics, all the folders in my Desktop are represented of the same size even if this clearly not correct. Do you know how to solve this minor issue?

Some info about my Zorin OS Lite:
DE: Xfce
WM: Xfwm4
WM Theme: Default-xhdpi
Theme: Adwaita-dark [GTK2/3]
Icons: Zorin [GTK2/3]

Can you please open the Settings > Desktop > icons tab

  • Icon Size
  • show icon tooltips (and also) - Size

Sure, it says for both that the size is "64"

Try setting to Show Icon Tooltips - Size to 32 and see if that improves the placement and appearance. You can try different sizes or even disable tooltips if you do not need / want them by unchecking that box.

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Hi, thanks! I have followed your advice and I disabled tooltips because, at the end of the day, I can do without.

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