Strange effects when playing music on Zorin OS 16

I use a Dell u2410 monitor with an attached soundbar. This is supplied with power and audio directly from the monitor. The monitor is connected to the PC with a Displayport cable.
When playing music, it sounds as if it is played in slow motion.
I was able to reproduce this with VLC Player and Rhythmbox. The same effect with Linux Mint on the same PC.
When I play this music from my Windows PC on the same monitor, everything sounds normal (connected via HDMI).
What could be the problem?

Maybe you are in the matrix ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe try something like alsamixer for sound.

Just did websearch using "Sound delay displayport cable Ubuntu 20.04" and a few hits come up including

Don't know if that is any help.

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Thanks for the tip, I had not found with "googeln". :grin:
However, this does not solve the problem. The sound is not delayed, but played in slow motion (much lower than normal, so like when you play a record with 33 instead of 45 tours).
What could this be?
PS: The corrections from "askubuntu" I have made and tested: No effect.

After contacting Zorin support, I found out that the problem only occurs with a DP cable. A change to HDMI and the problem was gone.
Thanks to Zorin Support!


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