strange popping noise when using bluetooth headphone

I just installed the zorin os 16 core, and everything is working fine, only my headphone is having a strange problem, the headphone connects without problems but from time to time the sound cuts out and I hear very strange noises, I have never had this problem in other linux distros.

I installed pipeware through a ppa and changed to wayland, and changed the encoder, but the problem persists.

Have you had any luck trying some of the existing guides on this issue?
For example:

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Yes, but the strange noises still continue.
Sorry for the delay, I forgot to answer

Another thing, while I was playing Minecraft the sound of the game and the system was completely horrible, it was all cut off, impossible to understand anything, maybe it is the lack of RAM, since minecraft is with 200 mods, only, I played minecraft with 200 mods on Fedora 35, and had no problems with chopping audio.

I am using deepl translator, hope you understand what I mean.

I have already increased swap to 6 gbs but that didn't work either

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