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I just subscribed to SkyShowtime, but it turns out I cannot watch it. I tried with browsers: Brave, Chrome, Firefox to no avail. Maybe it's something DRM related, though DRM is enabled in the browsers. Error 6007. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Sadly, this is due to Linux as a whole being generally Unsupported as Skyshowtime or Peacock TV via the ownership CBS/Paramount/Comcast.

Until enough pressure is put on the parent companies, any usefulness of the streaming service is spotty at very best, unusable for most.

Some use a Windows Virtual Machine in order to make use of the service.

How this relates to DRM:
The parent companies fear that an open source platform may not be viable for Protected Copyright content.
This is not actually the case... if for no other reason than that protected content is even more vulnerable on Windows due to illicit actors focusing on the dominant Operating System.

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If it's just browser-based, you can attempt to change the browser string. That's what I do. I run SRWare Iron, which is Google Chrome with all the corporate spyware stripped out. It's the same exact browser as I used to run under Windows, so I just change the browser string so it looks like Google Chrome on Windows.

There are plug-ins you can get from Google Play Store that'll do that.


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