Streaming game in zorin lite?

steam link is good but i think he need to steam for hosting game, and steam is heavey, parsec can't host game in linux, moonlight need sunshine (amd gpu) and still has problems.
there r other ways to stream game in linux?

OBS may be an alternative for you. Try it out.

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Streaming could be a challenge depends what hardware you have. Sometimes it working without problems but sometimes could be a nightmare. You can asking some youtubers or check then video's, sometimes they wrote under what they using software or hardware to streaming things.

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i don't mean broadcasting, i can use obs for that, and i don't mean share screen, i can use any-desk or teamviewer etc for that, i mean sharing playing game on my pc with other by sharing them the screen and gampad control, parsec, steam link, moonlight do that. but as i mention my pc's problems with them

Share screen i used discord. Very Simple.

in it , u can permit (gampad)control to the other for remote play your host game?

Never tried but on Steam are some settings about controller.

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