Struggling to extend volume

Hi everyone!
I'm running a Zorin OS 17 installation, but keep running out of space. I've shrunk the partition on which my Windows 11 is installed, but I'm unable to resize the partition on which Zorin is installed to allocate the additional space. I've managed to extend the drive before, but seem unable to do so now.

Any advice?

A better option to move/resize would be to format the 21G unallocated space as an ext4 partition, and then mount it from your /etc/fstab file as data storage. I do this as a regular practice for storing media files which can eat up lots of space in the OS partition.

Are you performing the resize action with the drive(s) unmounted from a LiveUSB?

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I don't have a lot of media on the drive, to be honest. My drive space is just being eaten alive by installs and the accompanying data. Thunderbird, for example, takes up 15gb.

No, Zorin is installed on my internal SSD. The same SSD I'm trying to extend.

Please boot into a Live Media, like the one you used to boot the TryZorin installer (You can use this if you still have it) and perform the procedure with the drive you are altering Unmounted.
Altering a mounted drive can cause damages. Gparted will gray the option out of the drive is mounted.


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