Struggling to Find the Right Image Compression Tool

I've been using for image compression, and while it's been helpful, I'm still facing challenges finding a simple and lightweight program that can effectively resize and compress images. Despite my efforts, I haven't come across a suitable solution yet. Any recommendations or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated as I continue my search.

Have you tried?

compress and resize?

"compress" is to store in a compressed (archive) file format, like .tar and its variants or .zip. Right-click on an image file in Files and the menu has the "compress" option.

I find gthumb good for resizing, cropping, and more, but it does not do compression.

If by compress you mean change the quality, this Flatpak aims to do that, plus change file format, and resize.

Switcheroo      Convert and manipulate images io.gitlab.adhami3310.Converter

Try them out and decide.

Why not copy image into LibreOffice Writer and compress from right-click context menu? Had to do it all the time in lockdown until I retired.

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If you prefer a graphical interface, I recommend Gimp. To resize images go to Image -> Scale Image; to compress the image go to File -> Export As, and use the "Quality" slider at the top:

Tip: change the file extension to automatically save the image in that format (the original is not affected).

Since you mention lightweight alternative I will propose this solution, that will add an entry to the right-click context menu to your images. Although, this only handles image conversion from one format to another and not resizing.

Last but not least, my personal favorite and one that I use all the time: Imagemagick. It's a Command Line Interface (CLI) utility, so you need a terminal for it. But with this you can very easily work with images in bulk.

Install with:

sudo apt install imagemagick

And then run on the image like so:

# convert image "original.png" to "jpeg" at 75% quality.
convert original.png -format jpg -quality 75 output.jpg

# resize image to 600 pixels wide, preserving aspect ratio.
convert original.png -resize 600x output.png

You can get into more complex scripts if you want. It's more complex to set it up if you don't know how to write scripts, but definitely more powerful and lightweight.

I often use

Just searched for 'image resizing and compression' in Software and these are the results:

Okay sure I'll try.

Thanks for your suggestions! I'll give gthumb and Switcheroo a try and see how they fit my needs.

Thank you, zenzen, for suggesting Gimp and Imagemagick! I'll explore both options further to see which one fits my needs best.