Struggling to make a shortcut for an executable in /home/ with no extension

Hi all, I have recently downloaded ZDL, which is a launcher for GZDoom. It comes precompiled, and the executable file's full path is "/home/ed/My Games/ZDL/zdl" (it has no extension).

It is marked with "Allow executing file as program" in the properties menu, and runs fine, but I am struggling to create a shortcut for it that can appear in the GNOME launcher. I created two .desktop files to try to make this work: one manually, and one using a tool from Flathub called "Shortcut". Here is a screenshot showing the folder with the executable, the program running, and the two .desktop files (manual one on the top, generated one on the bottom).

Neither of these seem to be working as they are not visible in the GNOME launcher. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Try renaming the "My Games" folder to something without spaces, like "Games" or "My_Games" instead. Spaces tend to cause all sorts of trouble like this, so it's worth a shot.

You need to "<path" with the " or Linux can't read spaces.

Thanks guys, it seems like it was the space after all. Adding quote marks to the exec= line fixed it.