Stuck after restarting my laptop with zorin os

Hello folks!
I was trying to go back to windows from zorin but now i am stuck on this screen and my laptop in not turning on after the zorin logo this screen shows up with some errors. I tried bootable usb to install windows but i am also unable to switch to my bios please help me

Zorin OS (Or GnuLinux in general) will not block access to BIOS settings. You may need to check with your manufacturers webpage for details on accessing the BIOS settings screen.
Or it may require a quick keypress before the screen you screenshot appears.

Many motherboards have another F-key for the boot order that can be pressed where you can select your Windows .iso on USB stick.

I tried every possible keys F2, F12, DEL etc but i am unable to access Bios and now i am just getting stuck on this same error screen and even my laptop is not turning on ..just that error screen Please help me to get back to windows any how

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Let me ask some Questions:

What Laptop do you have?
Do you still have Zorin and Windows installed (Dual Boot)?
Or do You only had Zorin installed and want now install Windows?

I have dell inspiron 14, and i have only installed zorin os and now want to install windows

I take a quick Look how You come with your Model in the BIOS and if I read right You need the F2 Button.

So, You wrote that the Error Screen comes after Zorin Logo if I understand that right. But this is for the BIOS too late. I don't know how You tried to come in the BIOS ... But make it like this - even when it feels a litte bit stupid:

Turn Your Laptop off. No restart. Completely off. So, then You push the Start Button on Your Laptop and fast immediately again and again the F2 Button. Because the BIOS loads before the Zorin Logo. And when you click it too late it won't work. I know it is ... a little bit weird to sit there and push fast the Button but it works - hopefully for You, too.

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Hello, I can relate to your problem, I use 4 dell computers, including a Dell Inspiron 5565, on all of them I use F2 to access the Bios and F12 to choose the boot media.
If your computer is turned off and Windows is on a flash drive, connect it to the computer, start the computer and repeatedly press F12 before the Dell logo appears, this will allow you to choose to boot from the flash drive that has the Windows ISO.
If you do the exercise and it works, what a joy, if not please tell us and we will see what else we can do.

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