Stuck at Installation Type

Following along on the "Install Zorin" page I am never warned about his page.

So the only option to install to is the USB drive. Nothing I do lets me access the internal drive. I want to overwrite the existing windows install, but am not getting the option to use that drive.

I should add that I tried starting the installation from inside "Try Zorin" and get stuck at the same screen. I have no access to the machine's harddrive and no option available on the scree that does not return an error message.

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You want to overwrite the existing Windows Installation, okay. The Installer should show You these Options:

So you should choose the Option ''Erase disk and Install Zorin OS''.

I went into bios and turned off secure boot, because I am absolutely not getting that screen. I confirmed I am also on the 5th step like you are and still getting the same screen.

Is there another change I need to be making in bios to allow the installer access to the local drive?

Secure Boot off, TPM off, Fast Boot off. Look if the Settings from Devices are on RAID. If Yes change it to AHCI.

Do you have more than one HDD/SSD/m.2 Drive in it?

Also. Turn off Fast Start in Windows before you ditch it, at
Control Panel>Power Options>What the Start Button Does.

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