Stuck in boot after turning off laptop and back on

Ive been reading around since yesterday about this. When i installed from a usb boot copy of zorin 15.3 the os ran after it told me there were some corrupted files I wiped windows 10 and installed. I was using an external lg r/w bluray player and looking at many tabs through Firefox when the pc bogged down to the point where the pointer would not move And the dvd got stuck at a particular point repeating. After a cool down it seemed to be normal but i shut down all my tabs and decided to shutoff pc and next day when I went to login i got an endless loop between hp screen and zorin os protection login. I have taken some pics of the messages i got from the ALT-F4/F6 t ty screens but after trying to follow some of the steps offered elsewhere I kept seeing a lot of "read only" messages I found out that I don't have a "Xauthority" directory and see a lot of "unable to resolve when attempting to fix or update. Im brand new so sorry but I dont know our understand a lot with the command lines. If at all possible please help? -ps I did hit escape at one point which showed different daemon messages with red and green. One showed expressvpn tried starting then stopped another had to do with thermal daemon.

Ganges, as this is a fresh install, I would recommend doing a complete wipe and reinstall to ensure a thorough installation with no missing or corrupt files. You can replace the missing .Xauthority file and correct the permissions, but who knows what else was corrupted during that event that may haunt you later. Reinstallation should help you with what you know about as well as what you do not know about.

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