Stuck install even after reboot

I have 16.3 pro install. it was working fine. but I was trying to reinstall every year.
but this year it is stuck. even after reboot (with hard power down) screen directly shows zorin install screen.

question is how to stop this install?
I was able to start terminal.
please check attach related screenshots.

If you do not commit to the installation, you can stop at any time without any changes to your drive being made.

If you proceed to install and are waiting for it to finish, you can no longer stop the process.
At that point, it will have begun overwriting the data on the drive.

What is the way to stop this ?? And start clean
I have access to terminal. please see screenshots from the first message

I am loosing one system due to this

@worr, I believe your question, as asked and shown in your screenshots was answered in the second post. If not or if there is something you need clarified, then please clarify or expand your question to include the important details that enable a detailed answer.

here is what is happening currently

  1. system is power down
  2. I press power start button. the screen shows up is 1st screenshot. this thing is going on for more than 3 days now. I still have USB attached to system.
  3. question is how to stop this process. ultimately I need to move on to have most probably CLEAN install again. as system is not working except those 3 screen.

Your first screenshot shows

Creating ext4 file system for / in partition 2 of /dev/nvme0n1

This shows that you already started the installation process and the drive has been written to (overwriting previous data).

The process cannot be stopped. The overwriting of the drive was already taking place.

You can just power down the computer and just run a new installation. If you fear data loss, you can use a software like DiskDigger to try to recover data from the overwritten drive though it will only recovery data fully that has not been written over.

even after power down, and then pressing power button. first screen is always that first screenshot. it is not even going to mother board boot menu where I can press delete button to select other drive etc.
I am not even mildly concern about data loss. this is my yearly thing and I have complete back up.
overall goal is to get system up and running.

The system is not powering down - it must be hibernating.

Booting the LiveUSB will start fresh if it is not installed as persistence. You would know if you had installed it with persistance.
So, booting the LiveUSB will always begin as a new start and all previous changes made to the LiveUSB would not be saved.

So, clearly, the system is not actually shutting down. You can just perform a full shutdown, then boot fresh from the USB and try installation.

sure, let me try that right now. Thanks for active responses

Thank you. it has been resolved.

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