Stuck On Black Screen During Upgrade From Ubuntu 20.04 To 22.04... 🤦‍♂️ How Do I Fix This?

Well, today has been eventful already. :grimacing:

After doing some updates on my mom's pc this morning, the Software Updater informed us that she could upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04. --[Do bear in mind though that Zorin OS is technically based on Ubuntu from what I have researched/found out.]-- & that's what I did following the software prompts before her pc needed to be rebooted. Everything went smoothly, except during the boot process, she is now stuck with a black screen & nothing else so far! :cry: [I have heard reports that some people tend to experience this sort of issue when upgrading their distro(s) to a newer version but I don't even know why or if it's like a bug or something... :thinking: ] But anyway, she needs to have this matter resolved so she can get back to using her computer. There is a small problem though: since I don't daily drive Linux & I have to pull tech/maintenance duties around here, I'm not even sure how this sort of thing is supposed to be fixed or what the process is! Luckily, I'm a quick learner though! :wink:

For anyone wanting to know, she is still using her Dell Inspiron 3647 pc. If anyone here happens to need more details or have questions, feel free to ask away & I'll do my very best at replying per my knowledge/experience! :+1:

Hoping to get this matter resolved quickly so I can de-stress myself here. Thanks in advance to anyone here whom can help! :slight_smile:


I suppose Zorin 16 is Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 will be officially available in Zorin version 17.
22.04 is in test phase for zorin with a lot of bugs.
You should get the original version of Zorin 16 and wait until the next update is available :smiley:

If you still want to upgrade check out this post:-


@ghostminator Well, technically speaking, she already HAS Zorin OS 16, but like I stated earlier, the Software Updater informed us & asked if we wanted to upgrade. [Plus, I had no idea that 22.04 is currently in the test/beta phase.]

Still, what am I supposed to do as far as getting this matter fixed/resolved? Also, any idea how long it will be until some of these bugs are ironed out, probably a few weeks to maybe a month-ish? :thinking:


If you could somehow reach the terminal there are some reverse codes. Or just try to get backup of the files and reinstall the OS :unamused:

OS 17 is supposed to get released in mid 2023 :man_shrugging:

Or maybe it is Compatible with your PC, but the video drivers are missing!

Try this:-,mode%20allows%20us%20to%20do.


Just done an update on my VM - no mention of Ubuntu 22.04. Wondering if someone has been messing with software sources as can't see how a standard install of Core could have done this - someone, somewhere has done something to break the install. i would use live medium that installed Zorin 16 to create backup of /home folder, including hidden files which start with a period (.mozilla as an example).
Screenshot of my 'about Zorin screen' after updating today:

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