Stuck on "creating ext 4 file system on the devices #5 partition (sda)

it's in Turkish but i translated it. it's stuck like this and I'm scared to restart it. It's an old Packard bell laptop and it has the requirements + an SSD.

Is It a dual boot or just zorin os?

The drive might be bad, depending on its age. While it isn't ideal, you can cancel the partitioning, boot into the live cd and open disks or gparted. Delete any partition that is in the location that you want it and create an ext4 partition in its place.

This can also happen if the installer is attempting to create an extended partition on a GPT disk. Extended partitions are for MBR disks.

What installation method are you using? I would recommend something else method (partition issues). Try [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16


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