Stuck on lock screen loading after suspend

Not long ago I installed Zorin OS lite in my old computer, but when the system is suspended, when I try to re-enter through the lock screen, the system gets stuck with the message “loading”, I have waited for almost an hour to see but it did not respond. I proceeded to turn the computer off and on again, disabling the screen saver and login screen, but when the mouse is suspended and moved, the screen activates but the mouse does not move and the screen remains black.

is there a way to solve this problem? I liked this distro very much and it works fine in my Aspire One, I don’t want to change it but if it doesn’t work I have no choice.

-Pd. I used a translator, in case there are inconsistencies.

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Could you open a terminal and enter

xset s 0,0

Open your app menu, go to settings and go to Power Settings.
Set options to “do nothing” or to “never” depending on Drop down menu or Slider:

If this does not work, please refer to here:
This bug report:

offers several suggestions. This is a known and ongoing XFCE4 thing that affects some users. It is present on any distro that uses XFCE including Mint, Manjaro, MX Linux and Zorin Lite.