Stuck on splash screen

I am unable to get past the splash screen. Any ideas?

How many snapd applications do you have installed?

I really have no idea.

How much disk space do you have available, roughly? Was it getting close to full?

Try this:
If you have an Nvidia GPU:

If you have an Intel or Nvidia GPU:

Don't mix those, use one at a time.

You bring up Grub right as the machine first powers on, and edit the boot string.

If none of that works, just as the machine first powers on, in the Grub menu select an earlier kernel.

If you're ever able to get it to boot, do a cleanup of old snaps that are disabled because there are newer versions installed:

snap list --all | while read snapname ver rev trk pub notes; do if [[ $notes = *disabled* ]]; then snap remove "$snapname" --revision="$rev"; fi; done

That's another reason why it's good to disable / uninstall / purge snapd... it keeps old versions around and clutters up your system.


@Perepheralist: This issue i do have too once in 3 months or so, i still can't nail it down. The only thing i do is CTRL+ALT+DEL and reboot. I also looked back in the logs and all i found was this and this

@Mr_Magoo: I might try that nomodeset since i do own a nvidia card on my laptop (gtx 1070). Diskspace is perfectly fine, 10% used or something.

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