Substitute for Authy that has clients for all platforms

Hi, as many of you know, Authy, the popular 2nd factor authentication application is killing the desktop version of its service, and only leaving it for cell phones. That for me is an issue, as I use it not only in Android, but also in Windows 11 and In Zorin 17.
One wonders why companies break what was functioning well.....
Anyway, I need to find a substitute that works in Zorin, in Windows and in Android.
I dont mind paying for that service. I use Nordpass for my passwords for the same reason - desktop clients for all platforms.
BUT, UNFORTUNATELY, Nordpass has stated to me that only business accounts have incorporated 2FA and my "family plan" can not be migrated to a business plan without looking the investment, and I still have over 2 years of the current plan pending.....
So I am looking for something that wold substitute Authy in full (Win/Zorin/Android), even if it is a subscription. No issue.

Any suggestions?

I don't know if it's something here. I searched for similar to Authy

I use the TOTP facility in Bitwarden. the $10 per year Bitwarden has it not sure if it works in the free version.

KeepassXC might be an alternative solution:

I used the free version and upgraded to get 2FA in Bitwarden

The problem with many of these applications is that they are not Multi-OS and specially with security related apps, I always think that paying gives you rights to demand quality, security and privacy. I know this is a topic in itself thats why I am wary of free apps for my authentication keys.....
Does anyone used Yubikey authenticator? I guess this is on the "high end of security" but the NFC/biometric key that taps with the phone seems like a convenient secure way to use all your devices and apps on multiple OS keeping your data centralized.

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