Success installing Distrobox?

Hi Everyone! I'm having some difficulties setting up distrobox in Zorin Pro. In other distros, I just use podman as the container daemon, but it doesn't look like podman is in the repos on zorin.

I also tested out installing docker from their apt repository, but it looked like the sockets interface didn't work properly, and I had no internet access inside of my container.

Has anyone had any success with setting up distrobox on your zorin machine? If so how did you do it?

Oh yeah, thanks for the suggestion. I just tried a few of the alternative install methods of the latest version (rootless and root install script, ppa, static podman install). Unfortunately, I get the same results, no internet connection in the container.

I thought I read somewhere that there might be DNS issues with distrobox on Ubuntu-based distros, but I haven't read into it much yet.

I found some results for podman.

Then, by what I know the network access permission is enabled by default once a software is installed but maybe you want to check it on Settings > Applications > check the software permission.
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I'll post this update for future reference. As I was about to start testing Luca's solution, I found that distrobox was actually working as expected :thinking:

No other modifications to the system since the last update. So my setup is:

It may have been something silly, like I needed a reboot after installing podman this way. But I really appreciate your guy's input on this one, thanks!


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