Success. Zorin 16.3 is great

Just a little note to say I am enjoying my journey with Zorin 16.3 Lite and after looking at this forum have successfully updated the kernel to 6.6 so I can now see my wifi adapter. Also when I set up I allocated 20gb to the Zorin partition which I am finding is not enough.

Curiously the install program setup another partition of 20gb labelled Zorin which I cannot access. So I have reduced the size of the Zorin partition to 5gb, moved the fat partition in gparted and moved the filesystem to be behind the fat partition and expanded into the free space.

I now have 15gb space on the install drive for any apps I need. Zorin has essentially given an old 2008 desktop machine new life which I am pleased about. It also runs my old HP Deskjet which win 10 wouldn't.


So do you still have a dormant 5Gb partition labelled Zorin that you cannot use, but would be good to be able to use?

Maybe if you post a screenshot of your Gparted partitions setup, forum members may be able to steer you towards getting that unused space back useable for you.

There ya go suggestions welcome.

I don’t know how you installed this but I suspect you may have created a partition for Zorin before installation and then when installing it either automatically or manually, another partition for Zorin was created. The partition you can’t access is most likely the one that is running and has the actual Zorin OS. You need to find a way to verify which partition does not have Zorin and delete that partition. From there you can reclaim the lost space.

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sdc7 is the OS this curious partiton sdc5 has 447mib of files on it. I would just delete the partition but don't know if it is system files. I installed using the occupy with windows OS and was given a slider to allocate the two partitions during standard install of 16.3. I was going to use it as a swap partition but unsure of the path in the tutorial.

Is this a USB stick? 111 Gb seems very small for a modern HDD/SSD!

No its an Apacer SSD 120GB.

Anyone know how to access SDC5 from the terminal? I have tried cd /sdc5/ but it doesn't work.

You must mount it using (Replace the parts in quotes - do not use quotes in the command):

sudo mount "partition-name" "mount-point"

Or you can just access the partition using your file manager to click on it to mount it, then open it to see what is in there.

That's the thing it says permission denied when I use file manager and there is no open as root.


sudo chmod 777 /dev/sdc5

sudo chown username /dev/sdc5

Failed to open media/username/Zorin permission denied. Two above commands appeared to work.

Looking at the permissions of the partition/folder it says systemd core dumper so clearly used by Zorin.


Googling Systemd core dump tells me its the Linux dump for core crashes so deleting it may just cause boot problems. Although it's pretty useless dump if one cannot access it to debug.

I've converted the unused partition to a swap partition thanks to the tutorial from @Mr_Magoo All is good.

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Question (concern) then arises, did you have a Swap file previously, before creating that Swap partition?

Yes I did which was 1gb on main partition which I adjusted to 2gb plus 5gb swap partition rather than delete it and go through the repair boot process.

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