Sudo apt update after fresh install of zorin 17 pro showing these errors

why are these duplicates and what's the best way to fix it (beside commenting the lines out)?

If you look in the /etc/apt/sources.list file cat /etc/apt/sources.list - where it says :5 and :26 - line indicators for errors, in that file you have duplicates in lines 5 and 26.

Comment out the duplicates with a '#' (hash / octothorpe), then save, reboot, apt update - should have no errors :+1:

I'm not on Zorin 17 right now to show the duplicates in sources.list.. But, that's all I did to get rid of the errors. There's really no issue, but it's querying the same source twice.


wouldn't it be better to comment out the ones in the archieve?

Ehh, not too sure haha

I just went to the lines it gave duplicate notices to, commented them out, and saved.

Just not sure about the archive - if removed from the archive, it's likely not to be contacted at all.. But, I can't be sure on that one.

The archives are the official source.


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