Sudo update-grub not detecting new OS install

i have installed fedora 36 alongside an existing dual boot of zorin os and windows. I want to use the Zorin Grub menu but when I use sudo update-grub in the terminal it is only able to find Zorin and windows and doesn't detect fedora and add it to the grub selection screen
This is the output of the command


How can the new fedora install be added to the zorin grub menu ?
Both zorin and windows are detected in the fedora grub menu already but I want to use the zorin grub menu

Does it show with os-prober ?

No not showing with with os-prober
this is the output

Let me check, maybe Fedora 36 does not use Grub.

Yes, Fedora is using grub 2.06...

EDIT again:

It seem you are not alone in this. Hopefully, the provided solution helps you, too.

So I need to manually add it to grub

will this work for adding fedora ( root partition is btrfs )

Probably not. The vmlinuz-* in the linked article will probably use the first match which is the rescue mode (see below) so it will boot to the rescue mode. You would need to specify the kernel by number.

From Fedora 36:

[dmn@Tyana boot]$ ls -1 vmlinuz*


The best way to boot Fedora from another LInux is to chainload to Fedora bootloader. You must be using UEFI.

My own menu entry to boot Fedora:


E0C9-9057 is the UUID of my Fedora EFI System Partition.

In Zorin, add the menu entry to existing file /etc/grub.d/40_custom, save, and be sure it's executable. run sudo update-grub. Reboot and the menu entry 'Fedora' should show in Zorin grub menu.

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Seems like Fedora/Red Hat are becoming more and more like Windows; they don't want you to use anything else!

It worked Thanks

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