Suggest me free car racing games for old pc

Hi , i'm searching for free good racing game for old pc, i downloaded speed dream game ,but it's crashing with me ,and crash my pc, and i downloaded torces game, i get the same crashing, please suggest me free car racing games for old pc.

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Just a personal side note, I have never been fond of Trigger. There is a motorcycle race game in the list in the link above. Many years ago there was an exceptional quality car game which only had one car available and no racing, was an experiment done by the guy that wrote 'Driver' if memory serves correctly, A £10 Windows game with great shading.

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One of my favorites midtown madness and midtown madness 2. Use lutris to get this game up and running.

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i tried it ,but i think it doesn't run good with me , i've downloaded (rip version 95mb)

Hi Swarf,

Thanks for posting that link. I tried to install V Drift from that list but can't get it installed. I downloaded the tar and moved it to a folder called VDrift. I extracted the files but can't seem to get anything to install. Before when I have extracted other programs there were usually some script files marked sh1 and sh2 and so on. I would run them in terminal in numerical order and when all of them were run the program would be installed.

The only thing I could find that looked like it might be an install program was one called SConstruct. When I ran it in terminal it created another file called SCons. But when I display that file there is nothing there. There is another file marked desktop but when I click on it I get "failed to open". The readme file had some commands for adding dependencies. I ran those in terminal and they seemed to work ok. I then tried again to get it to install but nothing happens. The program is supposed to be cross platform for Linux, Windows and Mac. I almost forgot to post that I am running Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon and not Zorin for this game. Do you have any ideas?

Have you tried selecting all files, right-clicking them and change permissions for all files to run as a program?

Thanks for the tip. I just went through all of them again to make sure I hadn't missed one when I gave permissions earlier. Didn't find any that didn't have permission to run as a program. I still can't seem to find anything that will install the game. It looks pretty neat and also uses force feedback which make things a lot more realistic when playing. There is a gaming section at the LM forum. I guess I should ask there but I usually get better responses to my questions here. And I know several members here also use LM so I thought I would ask here first. Thanks for your help. If you have any other ideas please post them. Thanks again.

After reading further in the read me file I found some terminal commands for installing the game. But when I tried doing that the terminal kept coming back with syntax errors in the SConstruct file. I tired correcting those errors but then started getting other errors. Further research shows that game hasn't been maintained since 2020. So I guess some of the syntax for CLI has changed or something. Anyway decided to just try another game. I also found that another one of those racing games that was available in Steam is no longer available either. I think that list must be kind of old. I am going to try Trigger. I know you said you weren't fond of it but at least it's a free download so I'll check it out. Thanks again for your help.

Super-Tux-kart and trigger in snapstore.
and there r lite games but need for wine, it's good, i tried racing city, crazy cars,etc

Didn't find a solution but did find this:

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Thanks Swarf. I did try Trigger and came to the same conclusion as you did. Not worth the trouble to install. I do have Speed Dreams installed and it works pretty well. It also does work with my force feed-back pedals and wheel. However at full screen my old machine is sluggish. But windowed it works great.

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