Suggest Zorin 16 supported specific laptop model with 16:10 screen

Please help me to find a currently produced model of Laptop with 16:10 or 4:3 screen ratio ideally FHD , ideally 16Gb RAM, at least 512Gb SSD. Ideally an model you run yourself on Zorin 16 and have all core function working out of the box or have existing solution. Thank you very much for your contribution. Please do not post models with 16:9 screens, not interested in Hollywood :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I'm after a specific model number, not just brand suggestion. I'm happy to install Zorin myself, even tweaks if they exists, just don't want to end up with new laptop with one unsupported key component (i.e. camera or wifi)

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The only computers with zorin already installed would be what is listed in the following:

Any other specific requirements or customizations to hardware will require that you purchase the computer and install ZorinOS yourself.

The only support offered for pro users is installation support. Otherwise there is the forum.

Those that choose Linux usually want to maintain and modify their systems without the burden of others understanding their decisions. Because of the modifications you are able to make, support beyond installation is not normally provided because they have no way to take into account any changes you make in drivers, configuration files and such. This is why you will normally have to solve your own issues (with direction when someone answers on the forum). This makes it both an achievement and learning experience to install and run Linux.

I believe that the O.P. was looking for suggestions on getting a computer that has the Highest Likelihood of Zorin OS working out of the box as soon as the O.P. installs it.

This is a tougher question than it looks. Generally, I have had Zorin OS work out of the box on every different computer I have installed on. Admittedly, most have been various forms by Acer.
But even on the newest Behemoth that I had to build a shelf for next to my computer desk- Every Single thing worked out of the box on it.
Ok except the Fan LED's - I installed OpenRGB for that.

But being on this forum, I see help requests from many users across a variety of machines, including ones I never had any issues with. I really think it comes down to minute differences...

I see most help requests deal with macbooks and with Lenovo.
The next tier of those machines that struggle include Surface Notebooks. Then MSI.
Next is Dell with less than the above in number of requests.
Fewer requests are seen from HP computers than all of the above.

Asus, acer and hp seem the most compatible. Most of their hardware is supported without issue. There may be a few lesser known manufacturs that work well also, but you would have to search for them.

You should be ok if you decide on one of the manufacturers aravisian and I mentioned, regardless where you get it from (online, best buy, Walmart...).


I concur ...... I use a 3 year old Asus and everything worked with no problems ..... well all except those I caused myself ....

True for most of us. :stuck_out_tongue:
I know I have gotten more than a little destructive with Zorin OS while blundering around.

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FYI and peace of mind your antares theme solved my highlite problem as it shows a delightful blue background with white letters .... so thank you .....

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Yes, I made sure to get that working when I made it.
I am still working on the icon set... I may post a sneak preview in the Shameless Thread before long...

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Thank you. I have updated the question. I'm happy to search and learn as long as there is a solution. I'm asking for specific model based on users personal experience.

Thank you. I have a specific question with screen ratio and Zorin OS. No guess work, but actual experience of users.

In fact, I'm surprised Zorin does not support database (or section of the forum) where specific computer models are review on Zorin OS compatibility & issues by users themselves. That would help everybody including Zorin OS sales. :weight_lifting_woman:
As for now, anybody with 16:10 laptop please share your Zorin success here!

Can you share whether that is 4k, 1080p, 8k.... it sounds like a wide screen format... but i don't know many laptops that would support it. Is this an external monitor and what size screen? Smaller screens may not support this ratio.

What i have meant by learning and fixing it yourself is that sometimes, because not everyone will have your exact setup or modifications, solutions that are provided may not work. You will have to learn about your system in order to fix it... how much and what exactly will depend on what doesn't work correctly. Never expect a solution.... finding one is a bonus. I had wifi issues that were semi resolved, then the kernel and firmware were updated , completely resolving the issue. Otherwise it wouldn't have been completely resolved because it was a new hardware issue. Just saying.

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This seems a great suggestion, but sadly is not practical in practice.
Different configurations and different hardware can achieve different results.
Generally, Zorin OS support is very wide and covers a very, very large range of computers. This is evidenced by how many Zorin OS users there are, compared to how many arrive on the forum seeking help. It is quite a large gap.
However, there is no guarantee... and if several users posted a Specific model that they never had any trouble with - and then you did - you would feel betrayed.

Really, testing for yourself is the best option. But for peace of mind, the odds are heavily in your favor for most computers that Zorin OS will work fine. And if it does not, this forum is here to help.

I have a solid 16:10 laptop c2007 vintage running ZorinOS Core, but I don't think that is what you are looking for in 2022.

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