Suggesting an built-in power option for full-screen games, applications, etc

Loving Zorin OS 17.1 Pro. One suggestion for the Zorin Group, though. Currently, I have the Extensions Manager installed along with Espresso (which is the only extension I have downloaded and installed myself; everything else is "as-is" except for one setting I changed to make the removable drive icon disappear - that one was a bit annoying, to be honest). My suggestion is that there be a built-in power option for Zorin OS not to suspend power or turn off the display when users are playing a full-screen game or using an application that takes up the whole screen. Right now, there is nothing within Zorin OS to make that happen.

The Espresso extension fulfills this need nicely. It would be nice to live without an extension manager, but it is what it is. (On that note, it would be also nice to have the Extension Manager included with Zorin OS as a default application if that's what's needed, mind you - I don't mean to get ahead of myself here, so I'll leave it at that.) Linux Mint has the "Inhibit" applet built-in, and all it takes is a simple toggle in the applet menu to add it. Would be nice if Zorin had something similar or easily accessible or whatever you want to call it, as long as it's built-in and "baked in." Well, hope this suggestion makes 100% sense to the Zorin Group and maybe they'll surprise us as they seem fond of doing. (Haha.) Thank you to all.

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Follow-up comment: This would be a killer feature. I guarantee it.

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