Suggestion:creating a Auto killer For not Responding Tasks

Could It Be possible to include A auto killer for non responsive tasks like Windows has.

It would make it easier
Usually when I play a game it crashes and not responds but it Freezes my mouse I cant click end processes when it says that or do anything, this feature would save me especially from just having to pull the power plug out witch ruins my session.

An Feature that If a apllication is not responsive for a minute It force quits it. Or how long you want it to be

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Is this not in Zorin already ? I am running Pop! OS and that one does have it.


how did you get it I couldn't find it

As @Michel wrote, it’s already there. When some application freezes, I notice that the notification asking whether I want to kill the task seems to come up sooner if I alt-tab out and back in to the application. Could be my imagination - maybe it has a set time no matter what.
Note that the notification asking you to kill the task or wait will come up within the problematic application’s window. So, if you alt-tab to a different window you still need to alt-tab back to the problem window to see the kill notification

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There is a keyboard shortcut for that also.

I do this by creating a custom keyboard shortcut for the existing xkill that comes installed with Zorin.
I set the keyboard shortcut to be ctrl+alt+k
The command is simply xkill - this applies in Core or Lite.


I was referring to this

My post above answers this question in regards to Zorin OS or other Linux Distros that use Xorg.

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