Suggestion : Emoji Panel to the keyboard like in Win 10

Nowadays emojis are everywhere. From chats to the mails, to even blog posts. So, Microsoft added a huge feature (At least to some) a few months ago. Emoji keyboard. We can swap to that Pressing Windows Key+Period and search and input any standard emoji to any input box.

Since you guys hear what users thoughts, I feel it’s a must these days. We have an emoji keyboard on our phones. So why not on PC? :grin:

According to this article, in Gnome it is ctrl+ to bring up the emoji picker. I do not know if true, I am not using Gnome and on mine, ctrl+ and ctrl- increase and decrease zoom.

Nope. Not working for me either. Seems like that feature is not available in Zorin :frowning_face:
Hope the developers will consider this and implement it in a future update.

Hmm… Maybe this option, then?

The article instructions may be easier like this:

sudo add-apt-repository universe

sudo apt update

sudo apt install git make

git clone

cd ibus-uniemoji

sudo make install

ibus restart

I checked in Synaptic, first. ibus-uniemoji is not listed in Synaptic, so a user must get it from the github link above.

The correct shortcut is Ctrl+. (Control key and full stop key), not Control key and plus key.
Currently the feature is only available in GTK3 apps as it’s a built-in feature of GTK3.
You can also install the following Gnome Shell extension which will add an emoji picker to the panel: