Suggestion to have better themes, window headers and border color choices

Working ,when having more than one window open, and looking at almost every window being white gives me a headache. Yes there is a black option and that is not much better. The windows' border nor header does not stand out, so one window on another window is hard to distinguish.

Oh forgot to mention that the Menu system is not so good.
Mouse rollover should show sub menus in the right pane instead of what is always shown. The right pane having the static entries could have an entry put into the left pane. Also a left pane entry for favorites would be nice.
See the menu in Kubuntu or Mint.

Hi, in terms of the menu you could install KDE (Plasma) on Zorin, or if missing Mint, you could install Cinnamon DE and change to it when you login and password field appears there is a cog botom right to change DE.

You could take a look at for other themes for Gnome (

And another option:

You could install the arc menu:

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Excellent choice I've been using Cinnamon DE for over a year now and absolutely love it and as I understand just like the DE used on Mint .... in fact I think it is but don't quote me on that .....

I tried KDE but had problems with it but I'm sure it was just me ..... I think maybe if I had just used KDE with no other DE's installed it might have been OK ..... but anyway I'm happy with just having Cinnamon ..... Gnome and Xfce installed .....

The problem for me with all of those DE's with the Exception of KDE, is that they all rely on systemd, which I am reliably informed is like giving your PC a bar code that anyone can read. That is why my daily go to is now Devuan with SysV Init, no snap and no flatpak. True freedom! :wink:
Oh and ALSA instead of Pulse Audio but Pulse plugins for ALSA. A much better audio experience than Pulse.

Installing Arc Menu might be the simplest option for Zorinsky.

I have one complaint about the default theme of Zorin OS. That is the text color in dark mode turns into the accent color.

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