Suggestions for checkbook program for Zorin? And printers?

I'm looking to see if Linux can do what I want. And mostly what I want to do is balance my checkbook on my computer.

I'm running a 13 year old version of Quicken on my Win10/Win11 machines and it's perfect. I don't need to run a business or do anything fancy. Just looking for a program to let me keep track of my bank accounts.

Any suggestions? I heard of something called 'homebank' but as soon as I downloaded it on Windows I got a virus message.

Another thing I need to do is get my Brother printer running on Zorin. How much of a chore is that?

All comments welcome and thanks for any suggestion.

Have you looked to see if that old version of Quicken can be run via Play-on-Linux (i.e. Zorin Windows App Support). Older Windows apps are more likely to be found than more recent ones.

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I think that depends a bit of the Model and how old or young it is. A simple Way to test it would be to put Zorin on an USB Stick and start it and choose the Try Zorin Mode. And then You could look if Your Printer works when You print something.

You could take a Look on the Manufacturer's Website if there stands anything about Linux Support or Drivers for Your specific Model.