Suggestions for Zorin's Future (Opinion)

Good. Because I did not ever say that nor did I even imply that. In fact, I was very Clear as to what I called Inconsistent.
Allow me to quote it since you appear to have missed it:

Nowhere in this does it mention gnome-extensions. It details, clearly, exactly where the inconsistencies are in appearance and in widget design.

My bad. I mixed up the first part of your post,

with the second part. This is because to a certain extent I was treating the words 'polished' and 'consistent look and feel' as the same.
I did not miss that part of the post, but I didn't fully understand it. I'm not super familiar with all the jargon on window formatting, so a picture or a more in depth explanation might help me. All the same, within the confines of my limited understanding of that issue, I have not come into contact with it as far as I know.

I think clarity is, to a limited extent, in the eye of the beholder. I misunderstood you, so obviously it was not clear to me. That was mostly my fault, but I think saying something was very clear is relatively subjective.

Open Nautilus, then open Sound Recorder and try switching across various themes. Especially if you try a theme that has four rounded corners and you can easily test this for yourself.
Nautilus has a Windowed titlebar - Sound recorder does not. It will show a thinner titlebar.
On Gnome Sound Recorder, there is no right header, so the titlebuttons for Close, Min and max will appear slightly offset compared to other gnome apps that are bordered.
Sound recorder is a notebook stack, so does not have the windowed background or scrollable window, leaving the lower stack without the border and if you have a round border theme, then the recorder will still have square corners - but only on the lower half.

Good point...
Clear in that I went into detail, even if some of those details were blurred by jargon.
I must work on expressing myself better.

Gnome was my daily driver. Currently, it is XFCE. If I use the same words as you did, I could say, "I switched away from Gnome because it lacked Polish and prefer the more polished XFCE / Cinnamon". You can see how we both used the same words to totally different results. Which brings us back to my initial point about the use of this word and how it should be used sparingly.

However, I do tend to install and use Cinnamon, as well. I actually use XFCE more often.
You make two valid good points:

  • we are biased
  • we could nitpick any desktop environment

I think those both can be addressed.
If I compare a Monet to a kindergarten macaroni picture, I think I can still make valid points about the stark differences between the two.

In my examination of points you make that have merit, it can help me to overcome my biases. As you examine mine - the same. All humans are biased. It's why we have a scientific method. To be able to step away from bias.
This is also why it is so important to attack the idea, not the person. Debates can help people grow and learn and explore beyond their own formulated opinions. Whereas fights just make people angry.

XFCE 4.14 and Cinnamon both have consistent appearance, across gtk and across all window borders. This is because they both utilize a full window manager.
If you run a Gnome Application on either of those desktops, it will be the only inconsistency and it can really stand out because of this. This is because Gnome and Gnome apps use CSD. CSD dumps window management on the client. This can be beneficial in some cases. But it also causes a lack of "polish."
While all XFCE 4.14 or Cinnamon (Metacity) windows are bordered to the same size and consistency, gnomes borders are often influenced by other widgets, changing the borders by the Content box, Padding Box or the Border Box. These Boxes are all Widgets. Place a widget inside of a Managed Window, and it will contain the widget. Place a widget inside an unmanaged window (gnome) and the inner widget will press the borders outward.

They offer enough desktop environments, it's written on their site. For new users it is easy to follow

Zorin OS did a fantastic job with their appearances application, i wished more distros took that part over and yes i do agree with you that that is more user friendlier then switching desktop environment by using the terminal...but if you just follow it things cant go wrong.

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Yes, they really did. It is interesting to me how a user gets upset that I point out the fallacies in Gnome, when Zorin OS comes with Gnome. The point: Look at how much work ZorinGroup put into fixing Gnome.

And that includes having themes that maintain one color, throughout.
Which some users also complain about...

It's a bit like Wall Texture in homes. The texture is there to hide imperfections in the smoothness of the joint compound and sheetrock.

Gnome themes are a lot like that. They utilize flat colors to hide that Gnome Widgets are inconsistent. It's easy to hide different sizing and consistencies when it's all the same one color. You do not have multiple colors or images showing that they are failing to line up, this way.
All anyone needs to do to test this - is try theming a gnome application with something More Complex. If you use a custom Titlebutton, for example, it will land in a different place depending on the widget in a Gnome Application.
This becomes apparent if you try to make a Button Bar. While this bar will stay in one place and connect with each element properly on any Managed Window on Metacity or XFWM4, it will not in Gnome. On one app it will appear as it should but on another be split into sections and separated while on another, it will be sitting too high or too low. Us themers must use a lot of margin hacks in the .css to account for this and while I have managed to make it work for some, I had to trash many themes entirely because there was no way of balancing them into Gnomes inconsistent titlebar sizing.

This plays heavily into why Gnome is so persistent about shutting down user theming. It makes these inconsistencies very easy to see and very troublesome. As long as they Lock It To Adwaita and Eliminate user theming, they can continue to purport their product as "polished" even though it most definitely is not. Themers draw too much attention to what they do not want to have to fix.

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