Super + # App Shortcut (Aka Windows Button + A Number) :)

After a software update, Super + # now works the way I want it to! :slight_smile:

But setting new apps to a Super + # shortcut is a little different from Windows 10:

  • Dragging an app to the bottom taskbar won’t make it work with Super + #
  • You have to open the app first
  • the app’s icon will appear in the bottom taskbar. Right click it.
  • then choose “pin application”
    Also, you can use Super + # for any app that’s open.

I don’t mind this set-up process,
but is there a way to re-order apps that use Super + # afterwards?
I couldn’t find any.

Anyways, thanks for the update!
I appreciate the update!
(crosses fingers hoping another problem stays fixed permanently…)

Just move the pinned apps around on the taskbar will reorder the Super+n value associated with the application.

It doesn’t always work, at least in ZorinOS Lite Education version.
Is there a trick to getting it to work consistently?