Super + E should open Files by default

I had to manually add the keyboard shortcut for Special + E to open files. This shouldn't require manual customization every time Zorin is installed!

It is included by default. It is super+e keyboard shortcut.

This must've been a new update, because I had to add it myself to Zorin in setting. I'm running 16.1 btw.

It is not.
You mentioned the key "Special" rather than "Super" (Windows Key). Is this a different key or a difference in vernacular?

No I meant super, not special.
Screenshot from 2022-03-27 22-55-44

Interesting. Perhaps a regular Gnome Desktop user can weigh in on whether Gnome desktop is different from... well... all other desktops... in this regard. I know Gnome has blocked and disabled using Desktop Icons - ZorinGroup used an extension to add it back in.
Gnome disabled and blocked any customization of the panel - ZorinGroup added an extension to add that functionality back in, too.
I do not use Gnome- for these reasons - and use Zorin OS Lite (XFCE Desktop) or use Cinnamon Desktop installed on Zorin OS.

So it may well be that this is another Gnomism I am unaware of...

Super + E should open files by default

It does. In Zorin OS 16.1 the shortcut to open nautilus is Super+E by default. You don't have to create a custom shortcut for that.

See "Home Folder"

Yes it is. The default shortcut to open nautilus in VANILLA GNOME is Super+F and not E.

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It's working fine for me without any changes using Super + E. I thought I'd comment here as I've also just replied on the other thread about the Super + D shortcut :smiley:


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