Super key doesn't work

Hi, I'm using a 60% format keyboard, it doesn't have the super key on the right side, and the super key on the left side isn't working, has anyone experienced this?

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I haver a 60% Keyboard, too. And the left Super Key works without Issues. It would be good to know what Keyboard do You have.

I general I would ask - if You should have a Dual Boot System - if the Key works on Windows.

If You have a mechanical Hotswap Keyboard You could try to change the Switch and test if it will work.


I have a Redragon mechanical keyboard, Vili model. I don't use dual boot, but tested on Windows it was working. But I'm going to change the switch to resolve this doubt.

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I carried out some tests, identified that the problem is in the keyboard circuit, cleaned it and everything is working perfectly. Thanks for the help.