Super tux kart menu problem

When i'm running super tux kart from menu i'm logged out from os.

i tried making github issue issue link
but developer of super tux kart said i need check packages conflicts

If i run super tux kart from terminal game runs normally

Hmmm... This is a common application and one that until very recently, was included in Zorin OS Ultimate.
I can think of no package conflicts that may cause this.

Perhaps display manager issue...
You might test your configurations by renaming your ~/.config directory to ~/.config-bkp
Log out and in (this will create a new .config directory all set to defaults. You can restore all your old configs by deleting that newly created .config directory and renaming the .config-bkp back to .config) and test Super Tux Kart.

If that does not help, restore the .config-bkp to .config and we can try something else.

.config renamed but STK still log outs me

What Graphics card are you using in your machine?

sudo lshw -c video


sudo apt install inxi

inxi -G

I have seen this problem happen with supertuxkart on other distributions and another desktop environment.

It happened on two distributions running the cinnamon desktop ( mint and manjaro ) and when using the nvidia 510 drivers. Using the 470 drivers resolved the problem.

It could be that other desktop environments such as gnome and xfce are effected. The additional drivers tool no longer shows the 510 driver as being tested, only the 470. It makes me think there are issues with the 510 driver as the 510 originally showed as tested.

The new Zorin 16.1 iso's include the 510 driver so its something to keep an eye on.

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Great input and observation.

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Thank you Aravisian

I think problem resolved i have 510 drivers

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