Support android app like chrome

I need support android app like chrome because make zorin os support many apps ( windows app and android app )

My man, me have confusion, can you rephrase? Do you mean you want to run android applications on natively?

yes I mean it

There are several emulators that can achieve this...

Ambox, ARCHon and android x86 are rumored to be the best choices, but you decide what you like.

I don't think @simecode wants to emulate, I think he wants to run android apps on ZorinOs on metal like Windows 11.

Anbox and archon do just that. They use Linux libraries that are in the system as well as bringing the necessary ones used by Android. Just like wine.

It wouldn't be impossible to integrate apk support into the kernel, but it would be very involved. These programs would work and support what he is asking.

What, no I remember being told that they emulate, they don't run natively. I will check Anbox website for more info.

Anbox can do both, as can archon.

Link is above

What, the website said it's an emulator. I'm confused, it's both?

Direct quote from link above:

Anbox is one of those Android emulators for Linux, which were developed especially for playing with Android applications directly in your Linux system.

Just like wine

Man, I need to do more research to guarantee.

I was looking at these a few weeks ago, but i decided not to install because i use Android studio. I'm not interested in most my Android apps on Linux anyway.

From anbox website:

Anbox puts the Android operating system into a container, abstracts hardware access and integrates core system services into a GNU/Linux system. Every Android application will be integrated with your operating system like any other native application.

Found here:

Emulating non emulator.. like wine

I'm so confused, I want to know more. What android version does it use? How does it work? Do you have a store or you just side-load applications with .apk files? What's the performance hit when using Anbox? Is it better than the implementation of Windows 11?

There is no Android version... it uses the sdk and the Linux system to run natively on Linux. You never see pie, oreo, 10... none of the flavors. It will impact your system as any other application does, depending on the software.

I never used win 11, may not, so couldn't tell you.

Install it and try it out... you don't like it, remove it.

What if it's a banking app that will not work if it doesn't get the information? I remember rooting my phone and my Banking app and Google Pay refuse to work? This is very interesting!!!

I wouldn't use a banking app on my pc.. my android is encrypted, zorin isn't and no biometrics. But games, office apps, video, sms and others, why not? I'm sure it's less resource intensive since it's made for mobile.

I still can't find enough information about Anbox, imma just try it myself.

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Archon is similar but based on arch Linux

Archon only works on Arch? Personally, I have only heard about Anbox but not Archon.