Support duration of Ubuntu LTS's

When I reading this a table.

That means Z18 will be LTS 24.04 to 2029 and security for 2034 :slight_smile:

There is extended support available for Ubuntu specifically. Screen-shot from Ubuntu Budgie. Ubuntu Flavors are supported for three years.

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Hello @Bourne,
I believe that you need to enroll your Ubuntu 24.04 LTS machines into Ubuntu Pro to get security updates until April 2034.

Last I checked, Ubuntu Pro is free for individuals with up to 5 personal machines.


Exactly, I'm using a flavor.

I saw support cost 25$ /per year 300$ 24/7

@Bourne I was confused by your title of "Support time" so have changed that. Hope you don't mind. Zab.


What I found at

  • "Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free on up to 5 machines, or 50 if you are an official Ubuntu Community member."

You can definitely pay for Enterprise support (I am not sure if deployments at a business or large company can register for free).

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Looks like you are all set! (my previous reply was for Bourne, I should have tagged them).

I am an Ubuntu member , but don't have 50 machines and use Ubuntu Budgie anyway .

The normal Support for Ubuntu 24 LTS goes to 2029. That are the normal 5 Years. when You get Ubuntu Pro You get 5 more Years till 2034.

Ubuntu Pro is for private Use free till 5 Machines.

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You could try Ubuntu proper and install the Ubuntu-Budgie-Desktop on top of Ubuntu proper and get the 5 years if that is something you need. But most people upgrade to the next LTS release within a few months anyway.

That is what I used to do, but to be honest I'm not sure I could use the same release for 10 years! :grinning: I don't need cutting edge, but do enjoy trying new things and Linux is always changing.

I agree. Stable is good with measured updates that still allow you to get things done and not spending time fixing the OS.

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That why I have a main pc with important data. Second I have with a backup and third for testing. I have many distribution testing.
I must sayed everyone finding a your choice distribution what will be great for your suit.

Actually for the free accounts, you get 10 yrs support for up to 5 active Machines. An Active Machine is one that has pinged Cannonical servers within the previous 24 hours. If not, your active machine count drops by 1. It seems you could enroll more than 5 instances of Ubuntu as long as the active count is 5 or less.

I have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS enrolled. But since I don't use these daily, when I check my count of active machines, it often shows 0. Right after I use one, the count goes up by 1.

Details from my Ubuntu Pro Dashboard:

06 Nov 2021
Active machines:

Can you enroll Ubuntu-based systems like Zorin and Mint? Good question. I don't know how that will work, if at all.