Support printer OKi ES4172LP MFP

I have a printer oki ES4172LP MFP installing in windows 7 but i try install in LAN with my laptop Zorin without any success :(. Thank you very much. PS. My english is very bad

You can download drivers in this page:

Select Linux as OS and language of your choice.

thanks, there is only driver for the scanner :frowning:

This is what I could find for Ubuntu 20.04 (which Zorin 16 is based on)

and for Ubuntu 18.04 (which Zorin 15.3 is based on)

[edit I added the emphasis on my original post for clarification]
But I did not see the name of this particular model among the supported ones.

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I was trying without success, the printer is not supported :disappointed:

If no success, can I ask why is this post marked as the "solution"?

Seeing that, people will likely assume all is well and not spend time to help find a "solution".

I am wondering if this Oki printer emulates any other printer that is on the supported list.

I have done a bit of seraching myself. Whilst there is no Linux driver for your particular printer. There is one (for CUPS) for a related Oki printer that you could give a try. You can download from here: B432dn | Mono Printers | Drivers & Utilities | OKI Europe Ltd | Printers and Solutions

I have no experience setting up drivers for CUPS but others on here may have the knowledge and skills to help you. If help is still needed, of course.

I also have no idea if this will work or not.

Thanks so much, i will try again