Supporting PS5 controller?

I've tried to connecting bluetooth on my PS5 Controller. Connection is establish and Steam detecting the controller, but game isn't. I also type the terminal sudo apt install steam-devices but it still dosen't work. Anyone know how to solve it?

"So, the full collection of features is technically available on the PC, but only for a very specific selection of games."


I think you might be better posting on Steam forum for a definitive answer, in particular with regard to the specific game title you are having issues.

Sometimes the wifi and bluetooth do not work well together in ubuntu due to interference.

  1. First check should be that your wifi should be set to 5ghz both in internet settings and in zorin terminal or use an ethernet cable to run bluetooth and wifi together and cancel the interference.

Use this to set up the 5ghz wifi in zorin terminal

  1. The bluetooth setting should be set to dual in terminal.

This is the Procedure:-

open terminal and type

  1. sudo nano /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
  2. and add the line ControllerMode = dual in the line below where it is written control mode = dual in hashes.

Then Try connecting your PS constroller.


Still not working. Steam is still detecting controller but not in game

Is the game supported by PlayStation Network or Sony Entertainment?


Well I've tried to play Tetris Effect: Connected on Steam

PlayStation Controller's generally Don't work in non PlayStation games.


But what about other controller I have. It still have same issues with PS5 controller. I'm using Razer Mobile Controller (with also supporting PC)

It the same behavior for PS5

You know if it is really necessary try a dualboot with linux mint cause zorin really screws up with controller gaming :man_shrugging:

maybe the controller work's then!


Dualbooting Zorin OS, Windows 11 and Linux Mint? I don't think my hard drive is enough spaces

Also the controller should works, because I went to Steam Controller Settings and it works fine but not the game

I have never had any trouble with controllers on Zorin, including XBox and Logitech.
I do not, however, own a PS5, so have never tried that controller...

Razer Officially supported on Zorin OS:

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Others having similar issues (Ubuntu):

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PlayStaion is a very Limited network :man_shrugging:


Try Contacting Steam Support, Lot of Problem's are Fixed by active Gamer's there :smile:


This actually works with my PS5 controller but it showing Xbox Input instead PS but I don't mind. Thanks

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