Surprised! New built-in option to CENTER the windows

I do not know if this is a coincidence or whatever, but I was looking at Zorin Appearance, and immediately spotted what I thought was something new. Apparently now we can center windows in Zorin OS 17 without resorting to Gnome Tweaks or some other means. Color me surprised (in a pleasant way, of course). I spoke out before about the lack of a built-in option to center new windows within Zorin OS (like how there is in Linux Mint, for example), and boom, now I find this.

To be sure it was, in fact, new, I went and compared the same screen in the live ISO. I am able to confirm it is NEW. It must've been snuck in during a system update. I do not know for sure if this means the Zorin brothers saw my feedback, and in fact incorporated it, but ... in any case, thank you to the Zorin Group. I look forward to seeing any and all commonsense improvements you continue to make to this wonderful OS. Thank you again! @staff Everyone else - see below:


Well spotted. It's on 17 core too.

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This is not unusual.

With the release of 15 and 16, we spotted features mentioned in feedback, even without any staff tags, incorporated into Zorin OS.

The ZorinGroup is like a sneaky silent Santa Clause sometimes.


Evidently so! I'm finding that out for myself. Ha.

I like this new feature also. Much nicer when opening solitaire or other programs that don't take up the whole screen. Thanks Zorin brothers!


This is one of the examples that prove, without a doubt, that the Zorin's, while quietly, monitor the forum for feedback, feature requests and improvements that they then implement. There is much in the OS that is community driven.

Anything that will improve the experience, help users transition and maintain the user base of Zorin is likely to make it into the OS.


This is a very welcome feature!

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It was in tweaks, glad they included it in settings.

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