Surround Sound

I would like to know if it's possible to get surround sound[7.1] over the headset jack. Something like windows sonic, I have tried viper4linux and it's not surround sound, it's more like an audio mixer with enchantments.

The software and equalizer could help. Besides it depends what headphones you using. Some mods headphones help but it also important what drivers are in headphones. Deep bass you get if your pads are not thick. Trying use a foobar on Linux. Searching dac amp thx, maybe pipewire.

If you can guide me to get 7.1 sound over jack and tell me what do I need?
as I'm a newbie to Linux.
it was a click to get 7.1 in windows :crying_cat_face:

I cannot help. You cannot put from BMW engine to Ferrari engine.
If you want dolby surround go to some webside hi-fi. I am audiophile and using diffrent type audio stuff and headphones.

Here you have a guide.

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