SUSPEND is missing in Power Off options


When Power Off is clicked, it pops only 3 options:

  1. Cancel
  2. Restart
  3. Power Off

Is it possible to add "Suspend/Sleep" here in anyway?

Thanks in advance!


Could you please tell us which version of Zorin you are using?

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I have been using cinnamon on top of Zorin 16, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but the Zorin menu gives three buttons in gnome, one is shutdown, one is log off and one is lock. The shutdown gives you a dialog with four options.... including shutdown, restart, log off and lock.

You could always set a keyboard shortcut (change super + L from lock to log off) even modify the sleep button (or function combo) to log off in power options. I use the power options to use the power button to shutdown.

You could use the ctrl + alt + delete for the menu as well. If you want a clickable shortcut, create a new desktop shortcut with the command:


Edit: in the Zorin menu type logout and it will show you the shortcut in the apps... this can be copied to the Taskbar or desktop.



it is 15.3

XFCE desktop or GNOME?

I'm interested in this too. I haven't had time to mess around with Linux in a long time, I just updated to 15.3 when it came then closed the lid on it. I have a clear memory of looking for the sleep button in 15, finding it and thinking "oh, that was easy, I'll just have to get it into muscle memory" - but of course I do not remember now :smiley:
Did this change in 15.3?
Running Gnome of course. Pretty Vanilla, no extras. The hover or alt-key alternatives mentioned here and there on the internet doesn't work either and I was surprised that it isn't an option in the Power tab of Gnome Tweak Tool.