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I am trying to figure this out: once I install Zorin OS -- straightforward as it is suggested on installation page (Erase disk and install Zorin OS). Of course everything runs smoothly, but I've noticed that there is no SWAP partition in DISK utility app, after Zorin's installation?

Do you suggest I mess around with the "third option while installing" and create SWAP partition?

Any suggested article?



Gday @zenman
with SSD drives you wont see it in disks ,as it's a created file, whereas HDD will create a partition & show in disks.
please run this command & show the results here.

free -m

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For the most part is perfectly fine to run without swap partition or file. So unless you have good reason to enable it, just leave it as is.

For example, if you find that sometimes you do max out on your memory usage, swap will to prevent your system from shutting down programs randomly or crashing altogether.
On the other hand if you never reach this point because you have enough RAM installed to suit your needs then swap will not help.
And lastly, if you are constantly reaching this limit the solution is to add more memory, since swap uses the disk space which is slower than memory by quite a bit.

That said I think this article sums it up nicely and shows you how to do it. It does recommend having swap enabled as it's safer, and it is. At the end of the day having some swap won't really hurt.


I will add 8gb of ram, I use Dell Latitude e7270 mostly for writing, but now with 8gb runs superbly :slight_smile: THANKS GUYS

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Hibernation is the only real reason for a swap partition. Every other possibility can be handled by a swap file.

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