Switch default audio device

Every time I boot up my OS, my default audio device is my Razer headphone but I want it to be my speakers Z213.

Is there a command I could write or execute to change it? Like alt+tab to execute switching device?

Sound INPUT/OUTPUT Device Changer...

Do you ever feel like your computer never listens to you? I do everyday and I swear its causing me to have a complex! With this nifty extension, I am able to select the audio output device, its quicker then going into Pulse Audio and doing it there.

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I have gnome-version 3.38.4 but from your link, I could download 3.38.34-40. I'm not sure which one to install.

Nevermind. I just install the gnome extension in the browser and install with ON/OFF button.

New question: How do I bind a command to shortcut to switch my audio device like Alt+tab Keyboard Shortcuts in the Settings?

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