Switch from Zorin 17.1 education to Zorin 17.1 pro

I migrated to Zorin 17.1 education, and now I want to switch to Zorin 17.1 pro.
Is there a way to migrate without doing a new installation?

If you have purchased pro you can get support on this question by submitting a help request:

You should have the Zorin upgrade app - hit it and follow instructions, and your done. The Zorin Pro being the final upgrade the app can do.

Wise precaution. Please Backup your data before using the Upgrader tool.

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Unfortunately once I have updated to education the Zorin upgrade app does no longer offer possibility to switch to Pro :frowning:

I would buy Pro if I can be sure that it is possible to upgrade from "education" to "pro" without reinstall. Is it possible?

It should be just an integration, especially since your already running 17. Try the upgrade app now and it should offer it.

You do not need to purchase Pro to check this.
On Zorin OS, launch the Zorin Upgrader and look to see if Pro is offered.

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As in any install/upgrade scenario always make a backup of your critical data and better still an image of your system with rescuezilla.

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