Switch off / hide system battery icon / indicator in taskbar

I intend to use the battery symbol from the system preference extension and tried to switch of the original battery indicator but with no success. I tried the extension auto-hide battery and the "sudo apt-get remove indicator-power" command (which responses that indicator-power is not installed). In the system preference I marked "Hide system icon" under battery tab - also with no change after rebooting.

Q: how to get rid of the build-in battery icon in the task bar to use another one and no double icons for battery?

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somehow, after going to local extension manager and switching it off and on there, the orinial build-in battery indicator disappeared finally. Don't know why that doesn't work before - but this question is closed for now.

oh no - icon is there again. So I need a little help with that...

That sounds like a Status Notifier.
Which extensions do you have enabled for the right side of panel?

only these few:

I would guess that the CPU power manager would be involved, since Power Related notifications will include battery on a notebook computer.
I do not use Gnome, so am not well versed with Gnome Shell Extensions.
But if those are the only enabled extensions, process of elimination suggests...

You might disable the two bottom extensions and test for a while. Then enable the Notifications reloaded - and test for a while.
If no battery Icon appears (other than your preferred one), then it should narrow it down to the remaining extension.

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update: I was so stupid and couldn't read properly:

auto hide DOES the job as described, because it hides the battery icon ONLY if the notebook is PLUGED IN (and battery level is above a certain level, which can be adjusted in the settings)

so a great utility as intended by the author - but it doesn't fit my demand to hide the battery icon when the notebook is NOT plugged to power.

Any ideas how to change that or another utility or system setting to hide the battery icon ALL the times?

If you are not concerned about battery death while unplugged, why not just disable the battery notification?
I do not use Gnome, so I am not sure if that means other notifications would be turned off too...

not sure about the notification @Aravisian - it's not the notification but the icon and I would like to use the battery icon, which is provided by system monitor extension only and not both at the same time...

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I am sorry, I had forgotten that you were replacing the current notification for battery with a preferred one.
I think one who understands Gnome Usage needs to step in.
I tried looking this up but got nowhere.

many thanks for your efforts @Aravisian, I really appreciate your kind support

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I finally found a solution to the problem, only one single man on earth had have ever before :wink: After hours of searching, I came across an extension which finally had an switch for that battery tray icon:

It's called "Just Perfection" and is more powerful then only to hide the battery icon, but tbh I didn't try all the stuff inside.

For me, the look of my system tray is now as demanded:

I again thank everybody and especially @Aravisian for supporting and pointing me in the right direction

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