Switch off Windows App Support

If I double clock an .exe file Zorin gives me a pop with with 2 options

  • Install Windows App Support
  • Install .rar support / or nothing

How can I disable this pop up for non admin users?
I do not want that any non admin users might click an run a virus or something.

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If a non-admin users tries to install software without the root password, they will be unable due to lack of permissions.

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Thanks a lot @Aravisian !
Do you eventually know also an option to disable that pop up?

I am not sure. I suspect that the popup in question stems from the zorin-exec-guard-windows .bin file included in Zorin OS.
If you are confident in your understanding of differences between Windows .exe files and Linux apps and in your control over Wine or Zorin-windows-app-support, you could just Remove the zorin-exec-guard-windows from root /bin directory (probably saving it in a safe place elsewhere, just in case).

I have not tested this.

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