Switch tab in files App keyboard shortcut

Hey there,
When I use multiple tabs in the files app and I want to switch between them, I have to use the mouse navigation instead of the shortcut "CTRL" + "TAB" and "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "TAB" shortcuts.

Unfortunately it's not in the shortcut settings, Can anyone help with the command to use so I can add it.

The keyboard shortcut for previous tab is ctl+pgdn and next tab is ctl+pgup

More shortcuts listed here:

This works on Zorin OS 16. However, Zorin OS 17 uses Gnome 43, which is tied with LibAdwaita. LibAdwaita no longer wraps tabs:

The reason that ctl+tab does not work is that Gnome hardcodes ctl+tab in order to preserve it for switching widgets in GTK.

However, I launched Nemo File Manager (I am on Zorin OS 16 with Nemo 5) and tried using ctl+tab and it did work.
I wonder if configuring Nemo may help you...
I have not tested it on Zorin OS 17.


It does, I was just trying to figure out a way to make it work under Nautilus but doesn't seem possible. But just tried with Nemo and works without issues and as expected.


Thank you so much, I didn't know about Nemo. It is quite a helpful solution and thanks for the clarifications in your reply!!

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