Switch to dark mode if AC not connect

Hi, i am new user Zorin OS Pro. Awesome system!

Is possible change mode to dark via command line? And change to auto mode via command line?


Changing to dark mode on battery won't necessarily save more power. The screens are different than your phone, which do better in dark mode.

You can increase battery life by installing tlp and tlpui using the default configuration and lowering the brightness of the screen as low as possible. Depending on your graphics card you may have options to disable it during battery mode increasing the battery time. Depending on your needs, wifi, Bluetooth and the usb ports can also be disabled (most of this is configurable through tlp).

You can also install Jupiter which allows you to change from power save mode to performance mode and back. There is a gnome extension that let's you choose your graphics card and use (second card, mode it runs in or integrated card and its mode if it has such a thing).

Battery life has been one of the parts of Linux that still needs much work. It has improved over the years but is behind in its efficiency.


Thank you

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